Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Staying Organized

It's hard to work full-time, go to school part-time (it's more like full-time), blog part-time, clean the house, and still find time to spend with the hubs. I can't imagine how women with kids do it all. Kudos to all you moms! I attempt to do it by staying organized.

Each day at work I have a list of things I need to do. I am aware that most of them are everyday things and I should just be able to do them without having to write them down. I just can't seem to remember every little thing, especially when I'm thinking about an upcoming exam or laundry or cleaning or anything else. I make a list for every single day using Microsoft Outlook. It only takes a few minutes each day and it helps me remember deadlines because I can set a notification with a due date and time. It also helps me keep up with the projects I'm working on and I don't forget the little things. Bonus: when my boss asks me what I've been working on, I don't hesitate when responding. Downside: when e-mail access isn't working, I can't access my list.

Prior to each term, I enter everything into my calendar on the computer. I get pop-up reminders for when an exam is due or when to register or when to pay for school. This has been great, especially when I forget to register. Because my courses are online, it is easy to put schoolwork off until later, so to keep myself on track I plan out when I need to study and what lecture I have to listen to. Thus far, this method has been helpful; however, my schoolwork always takes longer than I plan. I hope this upcoming term I can plan my schoolwork better.

I always try to schedule time for blogging around studying. So far, this has been difficult. Schoolwork always takes longer than I plan for. I try to do most of my photos on the weekend during the winter because when I leave and return home it's dark. I've tried taking photos inside, but they aren't very clear. Because of this I don't always get a chance to do this on the weekends when I have projects or an exam. Now that the time has changed, I hope that this term I can be better at taking outfit photos.

I set up all of my appointments in my phone so I don't forget them. I make sure I include an alert for all appointments. I also include when bills are due! Doing this has really kept me on track with personal items.

I have learned over the years it's hard to get everything done without planning. On days that my time is limited, but I have lots to do, I make my list and then number them in order of importance. This allows me to maximize my time. Most importantly, I set up everything with a due date/time prior to actual due time. I do this so that when I ignore the alert, I will still have enough time to complete the task. Procrastination at its best! I guess that's planned procrastination =)

How do you plan or not plan your time? How do you get things done?



  1. I am a Google calendar fiend. Since I have multiple work clients, I keep a calendar for every one in a different color and I check it every day. I also keep a written editorial calendar for my blog..... not that I follow it that well. I also keep a sticky note to-do list open on my desktop at all times just to have a place to write things that come into my head. It's not the most efficient but it (mostly) works for me :)

  2. I also don't follow my plans as weel as I should. The intentions are there, but it's not always executed. It does keep me sane though.

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