Monday, July 29, 2013

Sporadic Me

Hi everyone! I know it's been a crazy long time since my last post. I have been overwhelmingly busy with work and school. I have good intentions of blogging, but that has yet to happen.

Life has been hard these last few months. I was finally released by my doctor two weeks ago to start working out again. Working out is always a stress reliever for me, and as you can imagine not working out for two years has made me extremely stressed out.  My car has been overheating the last few months and my mechanic can't figure out why. Agghh!! If you live in Texas, you know how hot (100+) it has been. Our AC went out last very hot!!! We have to replace the whole unit and duct work. Agghh!! Lots of other things are going on that I won't mention, but can you say tough times?

On a good note, I had a job interview today! Hence the awesome outfit for today. I contemplated wearing a suit, but I didn't really want to do that. So, I started looking through my closet to see what I could find. I wanted something professional, but not too stuffy. Something lady-like and pretty. I think I nailed it! I love the different shades of blue! Navy is my signature color and it's hard to wear during the summer, because it's so dark. The lighter shades of blue in the jacket and necklace really change the look of this outfit making it summer worthy.

Dress {Banana Republic Outlet}
Jacket {Ann Taylor-Goodwill}
Wedges {Target}
Necklace {STRUT}

Price tag: Dress-$60, Jacket-$4, Necklace-$24, Wedges-$9 = $97

What is your ideal interview outfit?


Monday, April 1, 2013

Nautical Inspiration from Modcloth

Nautical inspired items can sometimes go overboard, but Modcloth has several items that don't take the inspiration too literally.

Nautical Inspiration from Modcloth

{Dress $54.99 / Button shirt $39.99 / Sheer top $37.99 / Sailor skirt $44.99 / BC Shoes flat heels $49.99 / Jeffrey Campbell heels $128.99 / Shoulder bag $64.99 / Paper bag $33.99 / Chain jewelry $12.99 / Bangle watch $39.99 / Chain jewelry $23.99 / Plastic earrings $12.99 / Ryu miss patina $19.99}

What nautical inspired items are you excited about?


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Staying Organized

It's hard to work full-time, go to school part-time (it's more like full-time), blog part-time, clean the house, and still find time to spend with the hubs. I can't imagine how women with kids do it all. Kudos to all you moms! I attempt to do it by staying organized.

Each day at work I have a list of things I need to do. I am aware that most of them are everyday things and I should just be able to do them without having to write them down. I just can't seem to remember every little thing, especially when I'm thinking about an upcoming exam or laundry or cleaning or anything else. I make a list for every single day using Microsoft Outlook. It only takes a few minutes each day and it helps me remember deadlines because I can set a notification with a due date and time. It also helps me keep up with the projects I'm working on and I don't forget the little things. Bonus: when my boss asks me what I've been working on, I don't hesitate when responding. Downside: when e-mail access isn't working, I can't access my list.

Prior to each term, I enter everything into my calendar on the computer. I get pop-up reminders for when an exam is due or when to register or when to pay for school. This has been great, especially when I forget to register. Because my courses are online, it is easy to put schoolwork off until later, so to keep myself on track I plan out when I need to study and what lecture I have to listen to. Thus far, this method has been helpful; however, my schoolwork always takes longer than I plan. I hope this upcoming term I can plan my schoolwork better.

I always try to schedule time for blogging around studying. So far, this has been difficult. Schoolwork always takes longer than I plan for. I try to do most of my photos on the weekend during the winter because when I leave and return home it's dark. I've tried taking photos inside, but they aren't very clear. Because of this I don't always get a chance to do this on the weekends when I have projects or an exam. Now that the time has changed, I hope that this term I can be better at taking outfit photos.

I set up all of my appointments in my phone so I don't forget them. I make sure I include an alert for all appointments. I also include when bills are due! Doing this has really kept me on track with personal items.

I have learned over the years it's hard to get everything done without planning. On days that my time is limited, but I have lots to do, I make my list and then number them in order of importance. This allows me to maximize my time. Most importantly, I set up everything with a due date/time prior to actual due time. I do this so that when I ignore the alert, I will still have enough time to complete the task. Procrastination at its best! I guess that's planned procrastination =)

How do you plan or not plan your time? How do you get things done?

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